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By James Hamilton |

Companies are collecting our personal data from our vehicles and monetizing it. If it’s my car, isn’t it my data?

What follows might look like a bit of a rant, and I don’t want to appear alarmist, but we are becoming victim to our own data and the sky is falling!  Well maybe not, but still …

As consumers we produce millions (billions?) of points of data every day in countless ways, from our shopping choices, to the online searches we do, to the calls we make on our cell phones.  We create data in other ways too, ways that many ordinary people may not fully appreciate.  When we drive our vehicle, when we have an accident, when we go to a body shop for estimates or repairs, when we make an insurance claim, we are creating data.  Companies are collecting this data and monetizing it on a massive and ever-increasing scale.

I’m not aware [...]

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