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Authonomous vehicles are our future. ‘No driver necessary !’ – that is industry ultimate goal. But if you were trying to do simple Do It Yourself : change brakes or tires it might be not easy because of sensors and vehicle protection system to look after your “safety” will flag any unauthorized service event. And if you will not assemble parts exactly as they should be or use aftermarket parts to save on the repair cost – your car will not move or will show errors on the dashboard and most likely report that event to the vehicle manufacturer.

Below is an article which describes all systems inside of authonomous vehicles planned for us in near future.Think twice!, cost of convenience of self driving cars are going to be high.

Today’s Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are gradually evolving into full autonomous vehicle systems.

By Lou Frenzel, Contributing Editor

The hype and overblown [...]

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